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Location:Maine, United States of America
♥ I am a hard polytheist with primary interest in Irish deities. I also have a small devotion to Bast, because reasons.
♥ The closest term that suits my personal practice is hedgewitch. I curse under certain circumstances and bless under others. I play with dead things and dance with spirits. I was born with one foot on either side, always half here and half somewhere else.
♥ I work with the land of my ancestors, the land of my birth, and the land where I am right now. I flow with the cycles of the seasons and the phases of the moon.
♥ I'm the oldest Therian that I know.
♥ I have mild left hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. It's mostly no big deal. The "big deal" is the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that's fucking my whole life right in the ear.
♥ Warning! I am an extrovert! I'll probably like you right up until you give me damn good reason to hex you. (And maybe even after that.)
♥ I'm pansexual, polyamorous, kinky, switchy, and semi-genderfluid. I fall in love easily and get hurt often.
♥ My mortal husband is a cishet Christian, but he's very indulgent of my differences. He has a seizure condition and other medical problems.
♥ I have a teenage son. (Gods have mercy on my poor soul.) He's lived with my husband's sister since he was forcibly and illegally removed from us when he was five years old.
♥ At the very core of my being, I am a storyteller.

This is my journal and I will speak as I please. However, I try to be compassionate and respectful of anyone who might be reading. Ergo:

Behind the cut: Discussion of certain details of my journey towards health and well-being will be placed behind a cut with fair warning, as some people might find them triggering. I will also put any nsfw discussions and images behind a cut.
Language policy: I'm dialing back on the profanities. When I do cuss I mean it. I don't give a rat's scaly tail if y'all cuss nor will I judge you for doing so.
In general: I seldom engage in drama and I avoid arguing with strangers on the internet. Anyone who becomes unpleasant or disrespectful will be removed (and probably hexed).

Interests (131):

acceptance, adult fairy tales, alice in wonderland, animism, anxiety, archetypes, art nouveau, arthurian legends, astral projection, balance, barter, bdsm, beauty, bones, books, building your own religion, candles, canes, cats, celtic history, celtic music, celtic mythology, characters, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic illness, chronic pain, communing with nature, complicated spirituality, cooking, creating my own path, creative enchantment, cuddling, dead things, deities, devotion, divination, dragons, drama-free living, dreamwalking, ecopsychology, ecoshamanism, editing, energy exchange, energy manipulation, fairy tales, family of choice, fantasy, fiction, flylady, folklore, food insecurity, gaeilge, genderfluid, herbs, historical fiction, honesty, honoring the land, individuality, intelligent conversation, interesting people, interstitial fiction, invisible disabilities, ireland, joy, kink magic, labyrinth, libraries, love, loyalty, magic, meditation, music, mysticism, mythology, mythopoeic fiction, narrative, ogham, online friends, oracles, ordeal work, other worlds, otherworld journeys, paganism, pansexuality, paranormal romance, passion, personal gnosis, personal mythology, personal responsibility, polyamory, polytheism, poverty, prayer, proper spelling and grammar, queerness, quiet contemplation, ravens, reading, religious tolerance, ritual, romance, sacred sexuality, self-expression, sensuality, sex magic, sex with spirits, skulls, spirit companions, spirit guides, spirit-work, spirituality, spoon theory, stories, sustainable living, switch, symbolism, tarot, tea, the in-between, therianthropy, tolerance, trees, twisted fairy tales, unfuck your habitat, urban fantasy, walking between worlds, webcomics, wellness, wheel of the year, witchcraft, writing
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