Dec. 10th, 2013


Dec. 10th, 2013 10:51 am
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♥ Innoq got a ride to the store, because we got our foodstamps today. An hour after he left he called me to ask if I had the EBT card. I did. *facepalm* So back he came, and had to shop at a closer but slightly pricier store because the guy who gave him the ride had to do other things. We still got a lot of good food, mostly meats. 
  • Frozen Chinese for lunch.
  • Apple & Sage porkchops for dinner.
  • I scrubbed and reorganized the fridge while he was out.
♥ It's emergency laundry day, because our clothes are standing up by themselves. (Now if only they could wash themselves.)
  • Innoq is taking care of the laundry.
  • I guess that obliges me to do at least some of the dishes.
  • Damn it.
♥ I've found some upbeat girly-pop secular holiday tunes. It's sickly cheerful and I'm loving it.
  • Although if I hear one more version of "Last Christmas" I may show y'all some other uses for mistletoe...
  • And if it plays Justin Beiber ever again I may have to take even sterner measures.
♥ I finally wrote up some of my adventures in Fallen London. Hopefully that shook the cobwebs loose.

♥ I'm tuckering out earlier and earlier in the day. I don't like this at all. I'm nocturnal, dammit. But here it is just 10:00 pm and I'd fall over sideways out of this chair if it didn't have arms.
  • This is particularly obnoxious because I'm on the East Coast, and many of my online friends and lovers are further inland or on the West Coast, so later at night is my only chance to talk to them.
  • But I do have to go somewhere tomorrow morning, so bed relatively early isn't such a bad idea.


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