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In 1998, during a ritual that was supposed to achieve Something Else Altogether, I ended up getting placed under a geis of veracity.  I had the choice to accept or reject this geis and was given time to think about it. I took three days, then accepted. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time. Now, knowing what I know and having gone through all that I have, I'd still accept it.

What this means in practical terms is, like the false proverb of George Washington and the cherry tree, I cannot tell a lie. Well, I could, but I'd regret it badly and quickly. Depending on the situation and severity of the transgression I could suffer worse-than-usual illness, loss, bad luck, injury, and that sort of thing if my tongue slips in the wrong kind of way. On the other hand, being mindful of my geis has brought blessings into my life that make it more bearable than it would otherwise be.
I can, however, pick and choose my words. I can also just keep my tater trap shut on a matter. Backed into a bad corner, I can and will twist the truth like a Slinky without breaking my geis. I once prided myself in that sort of thing. Words are my stock-in-trade. Being able to be truthful without being completely honest was once a hallmark of my skill.

Once. Over time, having to think about each word that comes out of my mouth and fingertips caused some moral adjustments to be made. I was never actually a liar. My parents wouldn't stand for it. But I'm not without flaws, any more than any other sentient B/being is truly flawless (Christian mythos aside). I'm sure I slipped with "little white lies" to cover my ass on more-or-less the same average as most kids.

I'm a practical kind of critter. I prefer to Get Shit Done and Solve Problems. I don't have patience for philosophy that doesn't serve a concrete end. But thinking about truth and how best to tell it at any given moment segued into thoughts of ethics and honor, respect and responsibility. The way I treat others and handle various situations began to evolve accordingly. From out of having to tell the truth I began to strive to live my life with Honor in one hand and Compassion in the other.

However, this post would turn into a teal deer if I went on about that, so I'll confine it to my relationship with the truth. To sum up:

♥ I just might tell you stories but I won't ever tell you lies.
♥ I will tell the truth as I see it and to the best of my understanding.
♥ I will tell the truth in a way tailored to the hearer's specific preferences and needs.*

* Some people are sensitive and need "the gentle version" while some people would rather be told forthrightly no matter how hurtful the truth might be.


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